Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday and a sprinkle of other thigs.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! I didn't intend to go entire week with out posting, life just got away from me. 1st thing 1st the results from today's weigh in.........down another 1.6 pounds! Yippee yahoo! Was that a bit too much excitement???? This week has been a good one with out too many struggles. One hurdle I have had is very unexpected. Eating all of my points each day during the work week has been difficult. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I can use them all if not dip into the weekly allowance. But Monday - Thursday I have points left over most nights. Sometimes it's only 2 but I have had up to 5 left over on occasion. This may not seem like an issue but if you do not eat enough calories you will not loose. That aside and with a successful loss I am feeling very good. So how did it go for you this week?

Just thought I'd throw a few picture on here from the weekend. Saturday we went to The Ohio State game in the Cleveland stadium. As a big fan of both it was a wonderful experience. We had amazing seats!

The Hubster and I

Our Sister in law Megan.

Kevin and his brother Tom

Sunday I spent the day with this little cutie his brother and their mom (my sister in law Amy).

We did some shopping, napping and then made a yummy dinner for the husbands when the got home from golf. I'll have to share the recipe next time I make it. ( I have to include pictures haha)

Hope your week has been wonderful thus far!

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