Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well here we are again, Monday is almost here and it is time to start the work week once again.

This weekend I some how managed not to take a single picture of our coming and goings.

Friday for date night we went to a little Italian restaurant called Figlio for the first time. It had great food and wine, the atmosphere was fun and upbeat. I had a rough day at work and hubby thought that called for a bottle of wine rather than a glass. And that sweet act led to him be able to catch this photo of me.

Saturday I was bit under the weather so we just hung around the house most of the day. In the evening we went out to conquer the task of grocery shopping. I don't mind the grocery shopping so much but the putting all of it way is a bummer.

I try to plan our menu two weeks at a time. We do a large shopping trip every two weeks, sometimes three and then only stop into the store to refreash our produce on the off weeks. I think I will start sharing my menu planning on here and some of the super simple recipes that we use.

We got up and moving this morning to see our nephew play hockey and then meet up with his mom and brother for lunch. It was great to spend sometime with our nephews and love on them a bit. Those sweet little boys are growing up quick and might be too cool for us soon.

For dinner we got such a wonderful surprise. My friend Kim and her husband made and brought over for us the most amazing clam chowder! It was so sweet that they thought of us and it was nice to have hot, home cooked meal and not a have to lift a finger!

We have now just settled on the couch to watch some mindless T.V. and eat a sweet treat.

For dessert I made these. They are SO simple and SO good! If you want an easy, yummy, hot out of the oven dessert, you must give them a try!

Hope your weekend was sweet!

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