Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend living.

Happy Sunday my friends! I hope this weekend has treated you well. So far so good in our land. Well, I should say so far so good except for the heart breaking loss our Buckeye's suffered last night. Oh it hurt SO bad!! But I am proud of what the put forth.

Friday the hubster and I had a date night. I love date nights! We went to Champs for dinner and then went to see Inglorious Bastards. Great dinner not so great movie.

Saturday I went to the gym for the first time in a week since I have been sick. I was feeling a bit rough so I only made it to one class. Of course it was Zumba! Oh how I love that class! I then came home and did a bit more "fall decorating". It was time to replace the summer potted plants with fall mums! I would post pics but since I bought plants with a lot of little buds but not too many blooms just yet, they aren't much to look at. After that It was time to attack my closet. I was able to come up with four bags of clothes to donate! Ahhhh a good over haul feels SO good! Then it was Game Time. It was awesome to watch...well until the last 8 mins or so!

So far today I have managed to eat breakfast, drink coffee and cuddle in bed with my pups and hubbster while watching The Devil Wears Prada. It's a hard life I tell ya. Well I will be off soon to the gym and 4 grocery stores. I really despise grocery shopping on Sundays but it the only day we have available this week. We do two weeks of menu planning and shopping at a time. Helps with staying on budget and eating healthier for us.
Side note: I was a bit worried about eating out and the game day food with this being my first officially week of W.W. But I have managed to enjoy and not really sacrifice buy using my 35 weekly allowance and my daily points. I still have some of my weekly allowance left! I am not sure how often I will use the 35 extra points a week but I do not plan to use my activity points. OK enough of that horrible ramble!
Well I am off. Sorry for no pictures in this post...I know it doesn't make for the most intriguing posts. Need to work on that!
Enjoy the rest of you day my dears!
God Bless!

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