Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honey Lemon = Life Saver

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend!

We enjoyed cheering our Buckeyes to their first of many victories this season on Saturday. We celebrated our Nephew Keegan's 3rd birthday on Sunday. Some how I forgot to take a single picture on my camera! I took plenty for other people with their cameras so maybe they will share a few with me.

I had very high hopes for Monday the possibilities were endless. Unfortunately I started to come down with something, so I spent the morning in bed and the rest of the day sitting around and taking care of very small projects from my couch. I was hoping all of that relaxing would payoff in a miracle recovery for work today. Well.....that did not happen. I made it through work, although it was the longest day ever. Thank God for Honey Lemon cough drops those with hot tea have been my life saver! Unfortunately I will not be making it to the gym for my work out. Bummer! I have managed to make lasagna for dinner (for the husband, I think I will be having more tea and cough drops) and I am now sitting on the couch with my "supplies" in the picture above, watching food network and hoping for a very speedy recovery. At least it is a short work week!

In my fog I am not sure how coherent this post was. If you made it to the end....congratulations!

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Not So Perfect said...

Well you mother hopes that you will be feeling better soon. Just as a side note, put the cough drop in the tea and it works wonders. James calls it "Sinus Tea". Love ya.