Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost Friday

Are you as ready for the weekend as I am? It is supposed to be gorgeous here..80's!!!

Which is good because this little girl was sick off and on Starting on Sunday and ending with me taking her the vet on Tuesday morning. I will just say Saturday afternoon I will be bonding with my Hoover steam cleaner, giving my carpets a much needed scrubbing. Stella is back to her old self now. They gave her two shots, two prescriptions and special food for a week.

My boss bought me these sweet flower for administrative assistants day. My job is a jumble of a lot of things, the easiest way to describe it is.....I am the assistant to the VPO. It is so nice sometimes to receive validation and just get a simple Thank you.

This post is a crazy mix but I have to tell you about the CRAZY Zumba instructor I just experienced. I love Zumba it is something I look forward to every Monday and Saturday. They also offer this Thursday class. I have only gone one other time on a Thursday and there was a substitute teacher. Well, the normal Thursday instructor was here today and oh my word was she a piece of work. She did an awesome job getting the class motivated. But I had a VERY hard time looking at her with her royal blue head band with sequence. Oh and it was helping to hold her very high pony tails that were not even out of her face! She just kept Screaming and bouncing around the room with her crazy Zumba get up. It was too much to handle..but guess who will be back next Thursday? I just can't pass up that type of entertainment especially if it burns calories.

Well enough of this mess for one night. I am setting a goal to blog at a min of 3 times next week. I love to do it I just don't allow the time like it should.

Have an amazing Friday!!

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